If you’re looking to save money about hot water, you should consider one of many new R.S. Andrews Plumbing - Alpharetta Water Heaters - 404-793-7887water heaters that are ENERGY STAR qualified. Some of these technologically advanced heaters can be obtained from your Alpharetta water heater plumber, R.S. Andrews Plumbing. Call 404-793-7887.

Not only can a new conventional tank storage water heater will save you substantially on the electricity and natural gas you buy to heat your hot water, but you may qualify for tax credits and/or Georgia power company and Atlanta Natural Gas rebates when you put in some of these systems.

Domestic hot water accounts for about 20% individuals household energy employ, and the average Alpharetta house spends over $500 per year on hot water. The new technologies entering the mainstream can save you more than $100 a year within energy costs, and are lowering your carbon foot print to boot. And many with the newer technologies generate hot water faster – either by using a tankless water heater which provides heated water continuously, or by making use of newer heating programs that can more quickly reheat a conventional storage tank where the hot water is kept until needed.

There are a number of main types of water heaters that have the ENERGY STAR seal of efficiency. The types are: gas storage tank heaters, convection natural gas water heaters, tankless water heaters that use efficient and clean natural gas, electric heat pump water heaters, and solar power / gas or even solar / electric hybrid water heaters. Consider the merits of each and every type in turn.

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