Low Flow Toilets and Other Water Saving Measures

Low Flow Toilets Alpharetta PlumbingLow flow or low flush toilets are an effective way to conserve water, which otherwise would get wasted. The low flush toilets use less water to flush off the waste than normal toilets. Call R.S . Andrews at 404-793-7887. We’re more than just an Alpharetta toilet installation and repair company.

These toilet flushes have a great mechanism that helps perform the same function with half the water. Many homes in the USA have already implemented low flush toilets in their homes as a measure against water scarcity. Too much water is wasted every year in domestic activities. The low flush toilets are a method to conserve water where it is possible. If your toilet is clogged or has other issues, call the BBB A+ rated Alpharetta water heater plumber, R.S. Andrews plumbing for service at 404-793-7887.

In the United States of America since 1994 the 1.6 gallons per flush has become a standard. A research has shown that low flow toilets can save a family of 4 an average of 22000 gallons of water a year, which is a huge amount of water. Low flush toilets are sue to save you a lot of money on water bills. You also end helping to save the environment a double bonus in other words.

Some other methods of saving water in your household can be cited as follows:
Checking for leakages in pipes in your backyard: A time to time look at your pipe helps you spot leakages and treat them.

Maintenance of pipes from time to time with the help of professional plumbers: A regular maintenance is a must and with the help of professional plumbers a long term solution can be found.

  • Put float busters in your toilet tank
  • Insulate water pipes: Prevents freezing of pipes
  • Avoid use of showers for bathing: This technique consumes a lot of unnecessary water
  • Use washing machines and dish washers only on full capacity
  • Do not soak your lawn: Plants should be watered only according to their need.
  • Make sure you store cold drinking water
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