When you need to repair your water heater and you have forgotten where you put your warranty or manual, it helps to have some tips to guide you along the way. This guide assumes that the hot water heaters were properly installed and were operating correctly before any problems developed. If you suspect that this is not the case, call a plumber in Alpharetta GA for a complete inspection of the installation.

It will be applicable to most brands of water heater troubleshooting like Takagi, Rudd, Bosch, State Industries, Bradford-White, Rinnai or GE water heaters.

Common electric hot water heater problems and repairs

Warning: Your electric water heater is a 240 volt appliance. The shock it can produce can be fatal. Turn off the power at the service panel before beginning work. Be sure to label the service panel with tape that will alert family members you are working on the electricity.

Problem: Not enough hot water

Thermostat may be set too low, increase temperature. Or there is sediment in the tank, try draining it. The thermostat or heating element may have failed and requires replacement or the dip tube may be damaged.

Problem: No hot water

Check the circuit breaker or fuse box. High temperature limit switch (ECO – Energy Cut Off) may have tripped. Determine if a problem exists and reset the switch. Upper thermostat may have failed and requires replacement or heating element may have failed and requires replacement.

Problem: Tank is leaking

Determine if the leak is from pipes or relief valves. Many water heaters use a low quality valve which can be difficult to close tightly. Use slip joint pliers to turn the valve all the way closed.
Caution: Too much force may snap the valve off. If the valve has failed, replacement is required.

Problem: Hot Water Heater is noisy

Scale can build up on the heating elements causing all sorts of noises to occur while heating. Try removing the heating elements and either clean or replace them. Low water pressure can also results in spot boiling or voltage exceeds heating element’s rating.

Problem: Dirty water

Drain and flush the tank. Doing this regularly will extend the life of your electric water heater. If the drain valve leaks, tighten or replace.

Common gas hot water heaters problems and repairs:

Warning: If you smell a gas odour, close the gas-shutoff value that supplies water to the heater. Open your door or windows to ventilate the room and call the gas company immediately.

Problem: Not enough hot water

Thermostat may be set too low, increase temperature. Or if there is sediment in the tank, try draining it. Water heater is too small, and needed to be replaced with larger capacity model. Or it could be due to low gas pressure, so check with utility company.

Problem: Water leaks

Operate the pressure relief value. Many water heaters use a low quality valve which can be difficult to close tightly. Use slip joint pliers to turn the valve all the way closed. Caution: Too much force may snap the valve off. If leak continues and the temperature is okay, replace the value.

Problem: Pilot light will not stay lit

Check that the thermocouple is securely screwed into the thermostat assembly. The thermocouple may have failed and requires replacement. There may be air or dirt in the gas line or pilot line or clean the orifice which may be clogged. Inadequate combustion air may cause a water heater to shut down for safety reasons.

Problem: Water is too hot

Check and reset temperature control. If too high, have the thermostat professionally serviced.

Problem: Condensation on tank

Cold water entering the tank can result in external condensation. Ventilation may be inadequate. Replacement with a larger tank may help.

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A tankless hot water heater is one of the most optimum options for home improvement in terms of energy efficiency and cost saving. Highly energy efficient, it will not only help you in your monthly saving, but also give you access to unlimited hot water at a moment’s notice. Your plumber can install one in your home or office. It has several advantages over the conventional tank water heater and here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider one.

Decrease Water Heating Bill

With no storage tank, there is no water that requires warming or continuous heat. Instead, it warms the water on demand by allowing you to set a temperature which is not only optimal but safe. This actually helps you on your energy bill as you do not pay any standby cost wastes away in radiant heat loss.

You Never Run Out of Hot Water

As these water heaters provide hot water instantly on demand, they never run out of hot water supply. Although you would never do this, you could technically run hot water all day without running out since it is generated on demand.

It Lasts Longer

The majority of the tankless heaters comes with a warranty of approximately 10 to 15 years and can last as long as 20 years. Additionally, since it does not accumulate any water there is less maintenance, replacements or hassle. A tank heater, on the other hand, has a much shorted life and maintenance costs over the long haul will be higher.

Provides Cleaner Water

Since, the tankless water heater does not store any hot water; it handles sediments and water minerals efficiently as compared to the conventional tanks. As a result, there is no rust or any mineral deposit in the water, making the water absolutely fresh, healthy and clean for use.

Saves on Valuable Floor Space

Tankless water heater are very small in size and can be easily placed anywhere in the home. The best part of this heater is that it can be hung, which saves your valuable floor space and the space is freed up for other things. A compact tankless water heater provides not only cost savings but space savings as well.

Highly energy efficient, tankless water systems are not only convenient but also very functional. If you are tired of your tank water heater that requires maintenance time and again, consider the advantages of a tankless heater. You can have peace of mind when you install a quality tankless water heater.

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First Call Plumbing Pros of Arlington, TX answers the questions most often asked about water heaters. Their experience will prevent homeowners from making a bad choice, wasting money on utility bills and the always running out of hot water.

Arlington, TX (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

Is your water heater over ten years old? What type of water heater is best for replacing the old one? Tank water heater or tankless water heater? Hybrid or solar? Gone are the days of simple choices, but First Call Plumbers http://arlingtonirvingplumber.com/ offers homeowners money saving tips.

The rising cost of electricity and natural gas have promoted the development of new technologies in the water heater industry. The plumbers from First Call Plumbing in Arlington are trained and experienced in all the latest water heater breakthroughs that will save Arlington residents money and provided all the hot water needed.

Water Heater Choices

Homeowners and property managers in Arlington, TX now have choices when it comes to making hot water. Many of these options did not exist a few years ago.

First Call Plumbers now offers much more than the standard, builder’s grade, storage tank water heater. Cheap water heaters are the type that most plumbers will quote in their advertising. But, they cost more to operate according to consumer groups and the experience of First Call Plumbers.

Plumbers are not salesmen so they don’t do a good job of explaining why it’s not wise to buy a cheap water heater. On the other hand, a top rated plumber wants a well educated client and will do whatever it takes to help homeowners and commercial property managers learn that they need to know about today’s water heaters.

Types of Water Heaters Available in Arlington

Residents of Arlington can get a water heater that will produce unlimited amounts of hot water. They are known as a tankless water heater. Homeowners can have a solar water heater installed with a back-up gas or electric storage tank water heater. And there are heat pump assisted, electric and gas water heaters known as hybrid water heaters. All of these will lower the cost of making hot water, but at a steep, up-front price.

The bottom line is that First Call Plumbing’s experience has shown that paying a few dollars more for a upgraded, storage tank water heater is the best option for most families in Arlington. Upgrading to a tankless water heater is a viable option for families that use large quantities of hot water, but the upfront costs are much higher than a storage tank unit. Solar and hybrid technology are good for special situations.

First Call Plumbers of Arlington believes that now is a good time to to do some research. Homeowners should research the different types of water heaters available before the old one starts leaking. Call a local plumbing contractor and have them do a site inspection to see what the actual costs would be to upgrade to a tankless or even a solar water heater.

Brands to research include:

1. GE
2. A.O. Smith
3. State Industries
4. Rheem
5. Rinnai
6. Noritz
7. Navien
8. Bosch

Top Savings Tip: Spending a Few Dollars More Buys a Lot More Water Heater

Water heater warranties vary for 3 to 12 years. When choosing to stick with a conventional, storage tank water heater, First Call Plumber in Arlington suggests going with a model that has the longer warranty. They cost just a little more than the cheap, builder’s grade model.

An upgrade water heater will have better heating elements, in the case of electric water heaters, or better burners, in gas water heaters. This will greatly speed the recovery time, making more hot water available. They should also have more insulation, also lowering utility costs.

Heating water for residential usage represents the second largest consumption of energy in the home, right behind heating and air conditioning. First Call Plumbers also says to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. The DOE established the ENERGY STAR® program for residential water heaters. City Plumber offers a wide variety of models that are ENERGY STAR® quali?ed.

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When the hot water tank is not heating your water, it is a huge problem. From cold showers to dish water that is not adequate, it needs to be fixed. Oftentimes, the water heater can have something minor wrong, like a heating element. This quick fix is something that a professional can take care of in a matter of minutes. When the ice cold water is too much for your shower, give us a call!

Top Water Heater Brands – Top Tankless Water Heater Brands Roswell, GA 404-793-7887

  1. GE
  2. State Industries
  3. Rinnai
  4. Navien
  5. Noritz

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